Monday, April 06, 2009

Statist senators work to silence the nation's conscience

Senate Rejects Amendment Protecting Abortion-Conscience Rights for Doctors

Illinois Senators Durbin and Burris have voted to deny medical workers the right to refuse performing acts that violate their conscience. They support a despotic vision of society in which citizens are threatened with legal penalties if they refuse to commit the abhorrent act of killing an unborn child or other acts which violate their basic beliefs and conscience.

Senators Durbin and Burris have brought disgrace and shame on themselves for this cowardly and evil prostitution of their own conscience for the sake of political power.

In particular, shame on the many Catholic senators who voted to reject the amendment:
Begich of Arkansas,
Cantwell of Washington,
Collins of Maine,
Dodd of Connecticut,
Durbin of Illinois,
Gillibrand of New York,
Harkin of Iowa,
Kaufman of Connecticut,
Kerry of Massachusetts,
Landrieu of Louisiana,
Leahy of Vermont,
McCaskill of Missouri,
Menendez of New Jersey,
Mikulski of Maryland,
Murray of Washington, and
Reed of Rhode Island.

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