Wednesday, November 26, 2008

George Ryan clemency -is the fix already in?

Push is on for George Ryan clemency - Chicago Breaking News

One opinion: George Ryan has lots of dirt on various Illinois officials and other movers and shakers -Repubs and Dems alike. Perhaps he has put the word out that he'll keep mum provided his pardon comes through by the end of Bush's term. If he doesn't get sprung, expect him to start making embarrassing leaking sounds from prison... until something is done to rectify the situation.

At some point during his trial, perhaps George Ryan calculated that he would not avoid conviction and prison. It's likely that Ryan has information that could badly damage the careers of certain powerful individuals, and consequently they regard him as a dangerous, unexploded munition which has not been defused. But to spill his guts prematurely would risk squandering his poker chips, and he would go to prison with his best political capital wasted. In this case his best shot at a Get Out Of Jail Early card was to take his incriminating memories to prison and use them to pressure his cohorts to win a pardon or commutation of sentence. Now in the presidential pardon season, George must be pulling out all the stops to get his friends to prove their loyalty with results. We can assume that George wants to be home by Christmas. If he's not, I wouldn't be surprised that ugly revelations will soon begin to appear which implicate state officials, contractors, and other other hangers-on in Illinois' network of ne'er-do-wells. But perhaps a commutation already is on the way, and we won't be treated to the display of fireworks.

I'd like to know who's really pressuring Senator Durbin to be the new public spearhead of the sordid cause to release Ryan.

For some very interesting insights on this topic check out Thomas Roeser's article, "But What Will The Democrats Do About Patrick Fitzgerald?", in the November 13 issue of The Wanderer. Its account of Big Jim Thompson's role in defending George Ryan is most interesting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congress just can't spend it fast enough

Pelosi's Auto-Rescue Plan Sets Up Clash With Bush Politics

Congress: Leave GM alone. Leave the insurance companies alone. Leave the investment firms alone.

Stop squandering public money on Your favorite businesses.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bishops pledge to fight Obama on abortion -

Bishops pledge to fight Obama on abortion -

To the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States:

Is it not time to publicly excommunicate elected officials at the highest levels of government who claim to be Catholic yet publicly support elective abortion?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Should the next Pope be black?

Black Pope could follow Barack Obama's election, says US archbishop -Times Online

Dear Archbishop Wilton Gregory,

I don't know whether Your comments quoted in the above article were misrepresented, but You were quoted as saying that the election of Barack Obama was "a great step forward for humanity and a sign that in the United States the problem of racial discrimination has been overcome".

Given Mr. Obama's radical and energetic promotion of abortion and complete disregard for the lives of the defenseless unborn, the suggestion that his election nonetheless is "a great step forward for humanity" frankly is disgusting and unworthy of any Catholic, much less a bishop. I am deeply troubled that You could obscure the situation with such unfortunate remarks.

On a secondary point, You are quoted as stating, "My own election as head of the US Bishops Conference was an important signal. In 2001 the American bishops elected someone they respected regardless of his race, and the same thing could happen with the election of a Pope." Eminence, either You were elected head of the bishops' conference because You were respected regardless of Your race, or You were elected in part because of Your race. Were there equally qualified white or asian bishops who were passed over because their skin color was not preferred? If skin color counts so much that bishops are guided by it, is this really the sort of "message" You think the Church should endorse and society should embrace?

There's a name for that message and philosophy: it's called "racism". It should have no place in society, and certainly not in the Church.

In a truly just society, skin color is not considered a job qualification, and it neither disqualifies nor favors candidates for office. In a society which rejects racism leaders are selected because of their accomplishments, capabilities, vision, and character: not the color of their skin. When our Church and nation finally become "color blind", then we will be sending a message truly worth celebrating.

If Your remarks have been misrepresented by the TimesOnline article, You may wish to consider publishing a clarification. If however they reflect Your mind on the matter, then I respectfully but firmly voice my disapproval.

Best regards,

John Robin

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The media's continuing saga of victimization California Gay Couples `Suffering' as Foes Exult in Wedding Ban.


To: Joseph Galante, Reporter for Bloomberg


The title of Your article, "California Gay Couples `Suffering' as Foes Exult in Wedding Ban" betrays the article's bias, presenting homosexual couples as victims gleefully oppressed by a tyrannical majority.

A more objective and balanced headline would read simply, "California voters reject legal redefinition of marriage". The reality is that a faction of homosexual activists have repeatedly attempted to impose on the public an unpopular redefinition of marriage and family, and this effort has been rejected by a majority through the democratic process. That this has happened in California, widely perceived as a socially liberal state, is extremely significant.

I would have been very interested to read a factual account of this development and the factors leading to this outcome. Instead, what I found in the Bloomberg article was more of the saga of victimization so prevalent in the "mainstream media".

There is an intense and growing public contempt toward the mainstream media, and people are turning increasingly to other sources in search of real news and objective analysis. I submit to You that primarily this is because people are sick of leftist political activism being dressed up and sold as news coverage. Unfortunately Your article is an example of the sort of activism that is driving away readers.

I wish You all the best in Your efforts to get editorial approval on more fair and objective articles in the future.

John Robin.