Thursday, November 06, 2008

The media's continuing saga of victimization California Gay Couples `Suffering' as Foes Exult in Wedding Ban.


To: Joseph Galante, Reporter for Bloomberg


The title of Your article, "California Gay Couples `Suffering' as Foes Exult in Wedding Ban" betrays the article's bias, presenting homosexual couples as victims gleefully oppressed by a tyrannical majority.

A more objective and balanced headline would read simply, "California voters reject legal redefinition of marriage". The reality is that a faction of homosexual activists have repeatedly attempted to impose on the public an unpopular redefinition of marriage and family, and this effort has been rejected by a majority through the democratic process. That this has happened in California, widely perceived as a socially liberal state, is extremely significant.

I would have been very interested to read a factual account of this development and the factors leading to this outcome. Instead, what I found in the Bloomberg article was more of the saga of victimization so prevalent in the "mainstream media".

There is an intense and growing public contempt toward the mainstream media, and people are turning increasingly to other sources in search of real news and objective analysis. I submit to You that primarily this is because people are sick of leftist political activism being dressed up and sold as news coverage. Unfortunately Your article is an example of the sort of activism that is driving away readers.

I wish You all the best in Your efforts to get editorial approval on more fair and objective articles in the future.

John Robin.

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