Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here come the population nazis

Not to judge, but 16 kids? Stop already.
-San Francisco Chronicle columnist bludgeons large family

"Freedom of Choice", the supreme godhead of the left, serenely showers her liberties upon those who wish to kill the children they have already conceived, but evidently is not so absolute and universal a deity as to bestow her freedoms upon large families...

Re: "Not to judge, but 16 kids? Stop already."

Mr. Morford,

So, Your point is...

"Pro-choice" implies a right to kill children You’ve already conceived, but not a right to raise them without the approval of at least one liberal columnist.

People essentially are not problem solvers, they are problems: a blight on the planet. Solution? Fewer people.

Viewing children as a great gift from God is "pious sanctimony", but instructing a distant family that God disapproves of their children is acceptable.

Those who view children as tomorrow’s inventors, artists, geniuses, and leaders are morons.

Nobody named "Jim Bob" can be any good, especially if he wants to be a Republican senator.

Married Christians who are particularly fertile and raise large families belong to the "asexual Christian right". One must be a "funky" non-Christian to be "pro-sex".

Lots of great fertile sex between mutually consenting spouses is to be publicly ridiculed by cynical tattooed gasbags, some of whom, one might guess, have little personal experience of having a spouse, great fertile sex, or children. But infertile, casual sex with numerous promiscuous partners is to be promoted as a great way to accelerate the depopulation of western nations and protect endangered caribou.

John Robin