Monday, April 27, 2009

White House recreates 9/11 attack to terrorize New Yorkers

In N.Y., Low-Flying Planes Panic Locals, Infuriate Lawmakers -

NEW YORK, April 27 -- A plane used as a backup for Air Force One and a fighter jet escort swooped low in the sky over New York Monday morning as part of a government photo-op, panicking workers, forcing evacuations and prompting an outcry from lawmakers.

The White House later issued a profuse apology over the incident.

The stupidity of this boggles the mind. Either this was an incredibly ill-conceived and crass blunder, or else the White House simply did not care what sort of visceral and negative reaction such a stunt would certainly provoke.

In either case, heads should roll: certainly at the White House, and perhaps at the FAA.

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