Tuesday, April 28, 2009

U.S. officials want 'swine' out of flu name

U.S. officials want 'swine' out of flu name - Reuters AlertNet

So the feds are bristling at the name, "Swine Flu"? Well, what alternatives do we have?

"Swine Flu" -that's what it's been called for years. Why do the feds have a problem with it now? Afraid of offending swine?

"N1H1 virus" -doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, now, does it? And why would we use this naming method when many other viral diseases are not known by the technical names of the viruses? ..."Common cold", "Stomach flu", "Warts", etc.

"Mexico Flu" -that would be appropriate, since it clearly appears that Mexico is its source. We'll see if that gets the nod from the Defenders of Political Correctness.

Well, how about the "Napolitano Flu", named after the head of the federal department who should have but failed to combat the outbreak at its ports of entry by instituting careful screening of all travelers entering the U.S. from Mexico, and by heightening border control efforts at the Mexican border?

But it's understandable that Janet Napolitano hasn't acted more decisively to protect the U.S. against the Swine Flu. She's been very busy protecting the nation against a more ominous threat: returning military veterans and pro-life soccer moms.

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