Monday, April 27, 2009

RIP, Buddy the Dog (2001-2009)

Buddy Robin, the golden retriever, suddenly suffered a fast and incurable cancer, and went where good dogs go on 26 April 2009. He was in good doggy spirits to the end. Buddy was born in 2001, the offspring of two proud golden retrievers, a 150 lb male and a 120 lb female.

Buddy, also know variously as "The Porker", "WienerBoy", and "Furface", (and occasionally -but not really- "Bad Dog"), leaves behind all his worldly possessions: his food dish, a well-chewed Nylabone, and his Binky.

Buddy was a great and noble dog and as much a companion, friend, and family member as a dog can be.

Do dogs go to heaven? Well, as a trustworthy priest and friend says, "if you need your pet in heaven for you to be happy, he'll be there."


  1. I am so sorry for the whole family. Diane

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful doggy Buddy was. I'm so sorry for the two-legs in the family, but so glad they had their four-legged friend in their lives. Love, Dorothy.


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