Monday, March 09, 2009

Let the unborn die to benefit the privileged

Obama lifts Bush restrictions on stem cell research - Reuters

President Obama

Chancellor Hitler

President Barack Obama is not the first national leader to promote a sacrificial holocaust of the weak, the "useless", the unwanted, for the benefit of the privileged. Like Adolf Hitler before him, President Obama regards certain classes of human beings as something subhuman, life unworthy of life.

But what if human embryos really are persons? Doesn't this very plausible possibility -even if not self-evident to all- mean that they deserve protection from federally funded programs that treat them as objects fit for exploitation and lethal experimentation? Obama sees no ethical problem here, because, as he has explained, "answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade."

Therefore, with head held high he pronounces human embryos legitimate fodder for dissection, manipulation, and destruction.

Just as many of Hitler's German contemporaries accepted -even supported- his policies, so too does much of the American public -morally numbed by decades of legalized abortion- accept and applaud as "scientific progress" Obama's expanding, statist attack on the defenseless.

History repeats itself ...and often history's tragedies, when repeated, do so on a larger scale.


  1. Thank God, Jesus didn't speak with the hatred you write with in your blog.

    Please look inside yourself and try to accentuate the need to help others above all else.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank Your for Your thoughts.

    We live in a time when those who defend the defenseless unborn are often accused of hatred, sometimes by anonymous accusers.

    I'm speaking not with hatred, but with passion for what I believe true and important. Jesus also did this, and many took offense at His words of truth. Sometimes people are offended by truth, even when it comes from one like me, a very inadequate and imperfect defender of self-evident truths.

    I neither hate nor wish evil upon anyone, not even upon those who defend the killing of the unborn. However, I can not ignore in silence the lethal injustices being perpetrated under the name of "choice". It is not loving to refrain from denouncing evil while Your nation commits suicide while killing its young, any more than it was loving to remain silent about slavery when the state sanctioned it.

    The defenseless unborn have an inalienable right to the protection of law, and people of good will should speak and work openly to accomplish this. I'm an abortion abolitionist, and am not ashamed to say so.

    You make a good point in highlighting the "need to help others". But if the fundamental human right to life is denied, and individuals' lives are extinguished even before taking their first breath, how would You suggest we "help" them?


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