Sunday, March 22, 2009

Misguided activists vent anger at AIG employees

Angry activists on protest tour over AIG bonuses -AFP

Activists from the "Connecticut Working Families Party" demonstrating at the homes of AIG employees display a misguided anger.

AIG is not the source of the problem. Showing up in buses at the family homes of AIG employees suggests a radical class warfare mentality. I hope that this isn't what CWFP intends, but this is the impression many people will form.

Angry protests at employees' homes distract from the real problems, which have more to do with years of the federal government's wrongheaded manipulation of mortgage lending, and now its massive (damage control) "rescue" programs, rather than the compensation plans of individual companies.

Blame for the current situation lies primarily in the federal government. Protesters who want to show their displeasure should board buses for Washington, D.C., not Fairfield, Connecticut.

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