Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Petulant Professor Pillories Pope to Promote Pathetic Paperback

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Sure-fire formula to earn money and the fawning attention of the media:

1) Present Yourself as an educated Catholic.
2) Express Your outrage: write a book attacking the Catholic Church, its doctrine, and the Pope. (Straw-man arguments resting on blatant distortions or willful ignorance will do just fine, especially if You are already a genuine, elbow-padded professor type.)
3) Write editorials and make TV appearances fulminating against all things Catholic and plugging "My Latest Book".

By some quirk of human nature, lots of people will just eat this up without ever questioning Your claims.

Note: Don't follow this sort of approach if You are Muslim or Jewish, as that would be considered bigoted and incur the indignation of the tolerant.


Note to the Washington Post:

McElvaine's screed is worthy of publication by a purportedly respected publisher? How the great have fallen!

How about some SERIOUS discourse on the Pope's position? The professor's frothing diatribe contributes nothing of value.

Can't the Post find someone able to write a coherent analysis and commentary on the Catholic Church's position on contraception? My high school daughter could do a far better job than this petulant prof from ...what school was that?

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