Monday, June 01, 2009

Notorious abortionist murdered in church

Kan. abortion doc killed in church; suspect held - Yahoo! News

May God have mercy on George Tiller, the serial killer who personally murdered thousands of children for profit through gruesome late term abortions. Yesterday he himself was murdered, in an unjust and evil act that violated his own right to life.

His murder, an illegal and despicable act, did nothing to advance either the peaceful pro-life movement or the Culture of Life generally. Such lawless violence deserves the unreserved condemnation of all persons. The inalienable right to life can not be upheld or defended by vigilante killing, not even by the killing of one of the abortion industry's most committed practitioners.

The murder of this abortionist will be used by some to try to demonize those committed to non-violently ending the evil of legalized abortion. Yet this murder serves to show the tragic consequences of denying another's inalienable rights in order to achieve a personal or political gain... which is exactly what happens when a mother kills her child to be rid of a problem.

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