Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicago school to march in Pride Parade

Chicago school to march in Pride Parade - Chicago Tribune
It's tragic that the school children are being indoctrinated to think that engaging in immoral homosexual acts is normal and good, something to be celebrated.

Most people experience temptations to immoral and destructive behavior of one type or another. But a person who repeatedly gives in to destructive desires ends up hurting himself and those around him, and increasingly loses the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. He gradually becomes enslaved to his desires, and loses the ability to rationally choose his actions freely.

Homosexual feelings or desires are just that: feelings. Feelings are personal, but they don't determine your identity as a person any more than your taste in music. Like any feelings, they urge you to make a decision: to recognize what is good, and pursue it... or to recognize what is harmful, and to avoid it.

What children need to see is, yes, tolerance and respect toward all kinds of people. But they also need to be taught that not all actions are good, and not all desires are for healthy and good things. Some desires, such as homosexual inclinations, should be rejected as harmful and unworthy of mature consent.

True human freedom isn't the ability to do everything you desire. It's the ability and struggle to do what is good and avoid what is bad.


  1. JFR, The only thing immoral is the fact that people like you can't just get over things and leave people alone. Why is being gay immoral? Because the bible says so? The bible also states many other things that I am willing to bet you would think are immoral but are perfectly fine. Do you believe that owning slaves is moral? The bible does.

  2. FSM, I should "leave people alone"?? I'm not holding a parade down the streets of Chicago to advertise, justify, and defend to the world my sexual inclination and behavior -deviant or otherwise. Nor do I pressure the government, as some of the more extreme homosexualists do, to redefine marriage to mean something other than what it naturally is: the permanent union of a man and wife, a union equipped by nature for the procreation and education of children.

    But since You ask... yes, I do think that the Bible is a pretty authoritative source when it comes to human nature and morality. However, one does not have to appeal to the Bible to conclude that homosexual acts are disordered.

    And no, the Bible does not defend or condone slavery, although it does address how slaves and slaveholders should act toward each other.


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