Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daschle pays $100k in back taxes

Daschle Pays $100k in Back Taxes Over Car Travel - Washington Post

Former senator Tom Daschle "naively" didn't believe that the car and driver provided him by "a friend" are considered taxable income?

Who can believe this?  Who thinks that Daschle, like the newly appointed Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, didn't cheat on his taxes, and then lie about it to save his appointment to Obama's cabinet?

By the way, Daschle's "friend" also happens to be Democratic fundraiser Leo Hindery Jr., and the founder of the private equity firm that paid Tom Daschle over $2 million last year. In the same year, Daschle made $2 million as a "senior adviser" at the law firm of Alston and Bird. That totals about $2000 per hour for a guy who doesn't think he needs to declare his income.

These guys clearly don't feel obligated to follow the law unless their career advancement is at stake.

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