Monday, January 12, 2009

Birth Control and the (shrinking) Culture of Death - Birth Control Pill Inventor Laments Demographic "Catastrophe"

Pope Paul VI in the 1960's predicted that acceptance of artificial contraception would bring many evils to men, women, families, and the world. The evidence is abundant that his warning was and remains prophetic.

The demographic implosion in many western countries reveals an epidemic of moral darkness which prizes pleasure, comfort, and freedom from commitment over generosity, fidelity, and love.

"Be fruitful and multiply", the divine calling engraved upon human nature, illuminates mankind's earthly vocation to life-giving generosity, service, and love. But increasingly this mission has been abandoned by many who have adopted a different motto: to "Be barren and lifeless".

When the natural connection between sexuality and procreation is deliberately severed, both lose their meaning and power to sustain individuals, families, and society.

Artificial contraception breaks that connection. It makes it all too easy to view sexuality as purely a recreational activity requiring no significant responsibility, commitment, or love. Therefore, one's partner needs hardly to be respected even as a person with life-giving potential, but simply as a tool for one's use. This vision of sex is conveyed powerfully by artificial contraception.

The inner language of human sexuality speaks the message, "I give myself to You totally, and I accept You totally". The inner language of artificial birth control says, "I do not give myself to You totally: I do not entrust to You my procreative potential, nor do I accept Yours."

Read for Yourself the Paul VI's comments on the meaning of human sexuality and the threat posed by contraception.

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