Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dr. Charo, do You believe a procured abortion is equivalent ethically to an accidental miscarriage?

Dear Professor Charo,

I am disappointed that Your response (of 18 August) was nothing more meaningful than a link to an article about Luc Bovens' Journal of Medical Ethics paper on the "rhythm method". The medical basis for his assertions is widely controverted, but that's beside the point. (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/13/health/13rhyt.html)

Any reasonable person can distinguish clear moral differences between these scenarios:

1) a couple intends to avoid conception, has sexual intercourse at a time they have scientifically but erroneously determined to be infertile. They conceive, but the child dies through unintentional miscarriage;

2) a couple deliberately conceives multiple children, and then deliberately targets some for implantation and others for extermination;

3) a scientist deliberately conceives multiple children, then subjects them to mutilating experiments, finally destroying them.

Your quotation in the USA Today article seems to imply that pro-lifers, in order to be "consistent", must oppose on ethical grounds anything that results in the death of human embryos, regardless of whether the deaths are unintended or deliberate. Is this really what You are implying? Would You please clarify?

Best regards,
John Robin.

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