Monday, March 13, 2006

Patriots accused of xenophobia in stopping ports deal

Port Deal Backlash -- Joe Mariani -- GOPUSA

In "Port Deal Backlash" the American public is scolded for demanding loudly and insistently that Congress stop Dubya from doing the dubious Dubai deal. It's unfortunate that President Bush and some leading Republicans dug in their heals to defend the transaction without giving due consideration to the nature of the public's objections or their tsunamic force. As a result, the President suffered an embarassing spanking.

I'm tempted to criticize some of the more strident Democrats who loudly (and perhaps gleefully) pounded the President while the pounding was good. However, I can hardly blame them. The President, I'm convinced, was backing a deal that was bad for the United States, and much of the public believed this to be the case. Presumably the President and Congress had further information that might have been used to defend the deal, but the public evidently didn't see the President make a convincing case. They felt he just wasn't using common sense. And suddenly the public's trust was undermined when it realized that the mechanism for approving such deals appears to be inadequate and potentially dangerous.

It's too bad, because President Bush has done some great things that have bolstered the security of the U.S. I suppose we shouldn't expect him to be perfect, but we should expect him to be consistently strong where he has shown his greatest strenghts: in protecting the security of the country.

President Bush, we need to see more coherent and comprehensive efforts to secure our borders, defeat terrorist enemies of the U.S., improve the fairness of our international trade, and reduce our federal spending.

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