Monday, April 04, 2011

Pro-aborts censor pro-life message

Q: Why can't the anonymous vandals pay for their own billboard and express their own message, like the pro-lifers did?

True Answer #1: Because these pro-abortionists apparently don't respect free speech or tolerate diverse viewpoints any more than they respect the lives of the unborn who neither speak, vote, nor pay taxes.

True Answer #2: Because what they defend -the legally tolerated killing of unborn children by parents and physicians- is so barbaric and inhuman that any discussion of its reality tends to be an intolerable outrage to pro-aborts.

True Answer #3: Unlike the pro-lifers, who openly identified themselves and peacefully attempted to advance public discouse on the abortion issue, these pro-aborts -perhaps at heart ashamed of the reality of their position- resorted to anonymously trespassing, defacing private property, and censoring their opponents. They'll use the law to protect their own position, but happily disregard private property laws when it's to their advantage.

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