Tuesday, September 07, 2010

CBS2 News can find no Obama critics in Chicago

As Economy Struggles, Confidence In Obama Wanes - Jay Levine, cbs2chicago.com:

You wrote, "[People] understand President Obama didn't create the crisis; he inherited it..." Nothing like unbiased journalism!

This article acknowledges the Chicago public's decreasing confidence in our president's policies, but seems desperate to conceal just how pervasive and deep is the discontent. You claim he enjoys a 51 percent approval rating in Chicago, yet quote only Obama supporters and reluctant critics, and say, "it's hard to get people here to criticize him". That's ridiculous! With only 51% approval in the Chicago area there are no critics to be found? You’d be more truthful to write, "it's hard to get the media here to criticize him." Your article is a case in point.

This article isn’t serious journalism. It's apologetic fluff, the sort of softball propaganda that merits little but ridicule, and a search elsewhere for some real news coverage.

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