Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ABC happy to insult Jesus and His followers

All Hail? Apple Expected to Unveil 'Jesus' Tablet Today - ABC News

All Hail? Apple Expected to Unveil 'Jesus' Tablet Today
...Though Apple has been characteristically quiet on details, industry watchers say all signs seem to point to the announcement of a device so hyped it has been dubbed the "Jesus" tablet...

The casual use of the name of Jesus is scandalous to many Christians, who love Jesus and worship Him as God.

It's one thing to acknowledge within the article that some have referred to the new Apple device as the "Jesus tablet". But to make that the focus of the article's title is unnecessary and truly in bad taste.

ABC is displaying a crass insensitivity toward the religious sensibilities of many individuals. Would ABC insult Islam in this way?

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