Monday, December 21, 2009

Abortion rights group endorses Quinn, Schillerstrom

Abortion rights group endorses Quinn, Schillerstrom -Chicago Tribune

...On the Republican side, Schillerstrom, the DuPage County Board chairman, is the lone abortion-rights supporter in the Feb. 2 primary contest for governor. Cosgrove said the group sent questionnaires to all of the governor candidates, but Schillerstrom was the lone Republican to return his and seek the endorsement.

"We’re comfortable with his positions on the issues," Cosgrove said of Schillerstrom.

In a statement today, Schillerstrom’s campaign said Personal PAC’s support "distinguishes him as the only moderate Republican running for governor and positions him as a centrist with the best chance of winning the general election."

Anyone who supports the "right" to legally kill unborn children is not "moderate", and is not fit for public office.

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