Friday, May 29, 2009

University of Illinois -where clout greases the skids

Clout goes to college -Chicago Tribune
U. of I. chief says clout list had little impact -Chicago Tribune

It's an outrage that college admissions should depend on political connections -especially at a public school. This should be stopped.

But it's also outrageous for schools to consider ethnicity or gender in their admissions criteria. College admission should not be based on who you know. Nor should it depend on your religion, sex, race, or ethnicity.

Trying to right historic wrongs through "affirmative action", by giving special consideration to individuals because of their sex or color, only exchanges one form of discrimination for another. You can't promote justice or fight racism by using race as an admission criterion. Besides, who wants to graduate college under a cloud of suspicion that you "made it" only because less was expected due to your racial background?

Fairness demands equal requirements and equal opportunity. This is the way to combat discrimination and protect the dignity of every person.

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