Thursday, February 23, 2006

"if we were concerned about... the United States of America"

UAE Company Offers to Delay Port Deal -

It's an understatement to say that sometimes President Bush doesn't seem to think about what he's saying. Consider the Dubai Ports deal, dubbed "Portgate" by talk radio host and author Michael Savage. President Bush attempts to reassure the American public, saying, "We wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security of the United States of America." My thoughts exactly. If we have any common sense left in this country, we will be very concerned about this deal, and will not go forward with it.

I voted for this man, twice. He's done some good things, but that's another discussion. This time, I think he must have lost his marbles. He seems not to be in touch with reality, or at least not in touch with what appears to be a growing tsunami of public opinion: that at this point in history to give control of American ports to an Arab company is to play Russian roulette. Perhaps we have some friends among Arab governments (please don't ask me to name a few), but we also have many enemies in the Arab world who would sieze any opportunity to deliver destruction to our doors.

It's not reassuring to tell us that the security of the ports is under the control of the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs officials. They may be good, but how tight can port security be when only 5% of incoming containers are actually inspected? The Treasury Department has approved of the deal. Is that a reason to feel assured of our safety? I think not.

Is President Bush prepared to absolutely guarantee the security of these ports will not be compromised in any way following such a transfer of ownership? On what basis can he offer such a guarantee, when four days ago he hadn't even heard of this proposed deal?

Will he publicly attach to the ports deal the condition that if an act of terrorism against the United States is ever linked to Dubai Ports World or the UAE, that the U.S. will retaliate with a devestating military attack upon the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, and recoup our financial losses through confiscated oil?

If -God forbid- a well orchestrated plot imports destruction through our eastern cities I expect the president's indignant chest-thumping and military response will provide little consolation.

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