Monday, January 30, 2006

Samuel Alito kicks aside the rats

Samuel Alito clearly is about to be confirmed to a seat in the Supreme Court. The hearings were sufficient to reveal that he is a remarkably decent, honest man of great intellect, a splendid attorney, a superbly qualified judge. I believe most decent, honest Americans who heard or saw any of the hearings formed a very favorable impression of Mr. Alito and welcome his confirmation.

But don't expect all our senators to think like decent, honest Americans. Some of them predictably were outraged by the decency and honesty of Mr. Alito, much as rats confused by a sudden, bright light. You and I could have predicted which senators would bare their teeth and charge: Kennedy, Kerry, Obama, Durbin, and many of their ilk: the left of the left. (How embarrassing that two of them come from my state of Illinois.) One independent and all the rest Democrats, by the way, and all evidently much more concerned with their leftist agendas than with their duty to confirm a well-qualified candidate to the Supreme Court. When smiling insinuations did not succeed in tearing down Mr. Alito, they were driven to fury, froth, and filibuster.

Shame on them for their pathetic and repugnant attempts to smear Samuel Alito. Shame on them for wasting time trying to delay and filibuster their way to even greater depths of notoriety when we've got far more serious things for Congress to be working on.

Why did they continue to snarl at the light when it was clear they couldn't stop Samuel Alito? Because for a decent and honest man to be confirmed to the Supreme Court is a victory for decency, honesty, and the rule of law ...and a loss for the likes of them.

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